8 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations might be as important for your wedding as the wedding dress. The invites make the first statement of your big day and give your guests a peek into what the day will look like, so you will want them to give the best first impression. But picking your wedding invitations can be as difficult as picking the dress as well. We've got some great tips for you to make the choosing process a little bit easier. 

1. Define your style

The first problem you will encounter is that there are millions and millions of wedding invitations out there. From elegant calligraphy invitations to quirky colorful ones. You might already have some idea of what your wedding day will look like - modern, rustic, casual, glamorous. The invitation should hint towards that. Browse invitations so that you can get a feel of what your style is. The many online wedding stationery shops are a good starting point for browsing wedding invitations, but don't forget about Pinterest. You can get some great inspiration on there as well.

2. Choose your colors

A great part of the style of your invitations is the color palette. Formal invitations are often printed on white, ivory or cream card stock and have a black or gold font. But don't let that stop you. You may want to use your wedding colors for your stationery as well. There are many stunning wedding invitations out there that have colorful designs or metallic fonts. Just make sure that everything is readable. 

3. Shape-up!

Traditional wedding invitations are rectangular and measure 5" wide by 7" tall. However, we have seen some gorgeous circular, diamond shaped or square wedding invitations as well. Make sure though that they fit a standard envelope or it will cost you!

4. Get started

You should send out your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding day. This may sound like you still have lots of time left to find the perfect wedding invitation, but the process from finding your invitation to actually mailing them, can take months. So do not delay! Start browsing invitations nine to eleven months before the big day. Aim to order your wedding invites four to five months out, so you have them ready in time. If you are having a destination wedding or are marrying over the holidays, send out your invitations ten to twelve weeks before the wedding.

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5. Word it right

The information on the wedding invitation is the whole point of sending them out in the first place, so learn the rules of wording your invitations. Whoever is hosting, is mentioned first on the invitation and traditionally, you have to spell everything out. Also, as mentioned before, make sure that the words are readable. Do not use a light font color on light card stock or a dark font color on a dark background. And although that calligraphy font is oh-so-beautiful, make sure your guests are able to read what it says.

6. Add-ons

A wedding invitation is not complete without the inserts. Although you can add a short rsvp on the wedding invitation, an rsvp enclosure card gives you more space to include, for instance, meal choices or dietary requirements. On a details card you can give your guests information about accommodation and transportation or you can refer them to your wedding website. Most stationers have complete wedding invitation suites available, so that the enclosure cards match your invitation.

7. Calculate the costs

Wedding invitations can get expensive fast. If you want a custom design, a special printing technique like letterpress or engraving, multiple invitation inserts and an envelope liner, the cost per invite can easily reach $100. Choosing an editable wedding invitation template and printing your invites and enclosures at home or at a local print shop will reduce the costs immensely and will give you a nice DIY project as well. Research your options ahead of time, so that you can account for everything in your stationery budget. 

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8. Check, check, double (or triple) check

You do not want to have a typo or error on your wedding invitations. As you probably know your wedding invitation text by heart, you are not the ideal proof reader. Have your proofs checked by a few friends or family members before you order or print them. Let them triple check the wedding date and time, location and names.

When you are certain that your wedding invitations are perfect, order them and get that party started!


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