Wedding Invitation Templates: Everything you Need to Know

There are literally thousands of beautiful wedding invitations out there. But many couples do not want to spend a huge part of their budget on the invitations. In that case, a budget friendly alternative is a wedding invitation template. But what can you expect from a template for your wedding invitations? And what are the things you need to keep in mind? We have put together a breakdown of everything you need to know about wedding invitation templates. Find the right wedding invitation and get the most out of your template!

What is a wedding invitation template?

A wedding invitation template is a PDF or Word document with the chosen wedding invitation design on it. The file will let you edit your own text for the wedding invitation in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Word. After editing the text, you can print and trim the invitation and you’re all done!

Pros of wedding invitation templates


The most obvious benefit of a wedding invitation template is the affordability. Although the cost of a template can vary, there are lots of places to buy very affordable invitation templates. For instance, you can find great collections of beautiful printable wedding invitations on Etsy, Minted, Shutterfly and of course Papersizzle. You will need to buy a template once and after that you can use it unlimited times. The only costs you will have after purchasing a template, are the printing costs, envelope costs and postage.


Another pro of a wedding invitation template is that you don’t need to go back and forth with a designer. The professional design is already made and the only task that remains is for you to fill in the template, print and trim. You can change the wording as many times as you want and you can do this instantly.


Additionally, you can choose you own card stock, which means you are not limited by the paper choices of a stationer. Of course, you will need to check if your printer can handle the paper. And if you let a professional printer print the invitation, you will still have a limited number of paper choices.

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There are a lot of stationers who have set a minimum order for their wedding invitations. If you do not invite that many wedding guests, the many invitations will be a waste of money. With a template, you can print as many invitations as you need.


Ordering a couple more wedding invitations because you ran out of them is a costly mistake. With a wedding invitation template you can easily print out some more invitations or order a few more at a print shop without breaking the bank.


And last but not least, a wedding invitation template is an easy and fast option to a once time consuming and stressful process. Most of the time, you can download the wedding invitation template instantly after purchase, so you can start right away. That means you can have you invites ready the same day!

Cons of wedding invitation templates


As a wedding invitation template is a digital file, you will need to have some basic computer knowledge. Sometimes you will need a certain program that let’s you edit the invitation, for instance Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Furthermore, some templates do not have the fonts embedded, which means you will need to install the fonts on your computer. If you are comfortable with Microsoft Word, most templates are very easy to handle and this won’t be a problem for you. Also, some templates come with an instruction guide, that guides you through the editing process.


Although a lot of people love a good DIY project, you will need to keep in mind that you have to do everything yourself with a wedding invitation template. You will need to edit the invitation, print it and possibly trim the invite. However, you can leave the print job to a print shop and sometimes they will even trim the invitations for you!


Most templates only let you edit the text of the invitation. You cannot change the design yourself. Of course, you can contact the designer and ask for changes to the design.

How to edit a wedding invitation template?

Although there are lots of different wedding invitation templates out there, most of them use either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader as the editing program.


We have created a sample wedding invitation template for you to try out, so that you can decide for yourself if you're up for it. 

 To edit a PDF template in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Download and install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader on your desktop computer. 

3. Open your template: Click on File > Open in the top menu bar and navigate to your template file.

4. Edit text: Click in the field boxes that are highlighted in light blue and add your own text. To change font size, color and more, select the line of text you want to change, then hold down Ctrl+E (PC) or Cmd+E (Mac) to open the Form Field Text Properties bar. Click on “more” to see additional adjustment options, particularly line spacing and alignment. 

5. Save your file: Press Cmd-Shift-S (mac) or Ctrl-Shift-S (pc) to prompt the “Save as” dialog box. Rename the file and click save. 


1. Launch Microsoft Word on your computer. 

2. Open your template: Click on File > Open in the top menu bar and navigate to your template file.

3. Edit text: Click in the field boxes that are highlighted in light blue and add your own words. To change font size, color and more, select the line of text you want to change, then make use of the tool bar irrespective of what you want to do to the text or image. 

4. Save your file: Press Cmd-Shift-S (mac) or Ctrl-Shift-S (pc) to prompt the “Save as” dialog box. Rename the file to your choice name and click save. 

How and where to print your templates

You can either print the invitations at home or at a local or online print shop.


Most templates are designed and formatted with home printing in mind. They are formatted 2-up on an 8.5” x 11” or A4-sized page to utilize as much space on the page, so that no paper is wasted. However, there are also templates out there for 5” x 7” sheets, so that you won’t have to trim the invitations. This sometimes requires you to have a printer that can print up to the very edge of the paper. 

Make sure the settings on your home printer are adjusted to the following: 

- Page Scale: 100% or “No Scaling”

- Size Option: “Actual Size” 

For printables that require 2-sided printing, first print the front page only. Then place the printed page back into the paper tray to print the back. This may require some trial and error to get the correct orientation, so you may want to use standard copy paper as test sheets before printing on card stock. 

It’s best to use card stock for your invitations to give it that quality look. Card stock comes in weights anywhere from 67 lb.-140 lb. weights. The higher the weight, the thicker the card stock. A big factor in determining which weight to choose is what weight of paper your printer will accept. Most home printers will comfortably print on 90-110 lb. stock. If you are purchasing a specialty paper such as vellum, or paper with pearlized or iridescent surfaces, make sure that it will work with your printer type.


Some templates are designed to be used on a home printer but can also work at most copy places (such as Staples, OfficeMax, FedEx Office). Many of these shops will let you send or upload your file to their site, select a paper stock and simply pick up the print-outs in 1-2 days. Since you are dealing with an editable file, we highly recommend that you convert your final PDF or .DOC to a JPG prior to submitting your file. This will ensure that none of the text gets changed or removed by accident during the file handling process. 

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What card stock to use?

Couples making their own wedding invitations very commonly ask what is the best card stock for the job? Unfortunately, this question has no concrete answer, as it partly is a matter of personal taste. However, there are a couple of factors that can help you determine the perfect card stock for you.

First, as mentioned before, if you are printing your invitations at home, you will need to keep in mind that not all home printers can handle thick card stock. So check your home printer first to eliminate the card stock weight that your printer cannot handle.

Also, the weight of the card stock determines the postage costs of your wedding invitations. If you also want to include an Rsvp card, a details card or other add-ons, using thick card stock might get expensive fast.

The paper finish will affect the printing process. Your printer might handle some paper finishes better than others. The finish also affects how much ink your invitation will take. Glossy card stock take a lot more ink and it dries slower. Card stock with more texture, like linen for instance, have a much higher tendency to bleed. If you cannot change your ink settings, these paper finishes are not ideal for your printer. If you are not sure what card stock to choose, a matte card stock is the best option for you. It’s easy to handle, relatively foolproof and works with most home printers.

When it comes to home printing, you will need to use card stock in light colors. Home printers are not designed to print on dark color paper, as the colors of the invitation will look very different or are not visible at all. White, ivory, beige or light gray are all good colors for card stock. If you selected a black and white wedding invitation, you can also print on kraft paper to give your invitations a rustic look.

You can find a good selection of card stock at local office shops. However, if you want specialty paper, you may have to shop online. Always get a sample before buying a huge stack of paper. This way, you can test print and see if the invitation comes out as you planned.

Trimming the invitations

The best tool for trimming your invitations is a guillotine cutter. The paper cutter has a large base with a handled blade on one side. The paper gets cut when it meets the flat surface of the base. While professionals have steel guillotine cutters that cost hundreds, you can find budget paper cutters for as little as $25.

Some people may have what’s called a rotary cutter; it uses a circular blade that you pass across the paper. We find these kind of cutters take longer and don’t cut as smoothly.

If you happen to already have them, an X-acto knife, straight-edge ruler, and self-healing mat will definitely do the trick. It’ll take a bit longer (and probably cause a hand cramp or two), but if you don’t want to invest in a paper cutter, it’ll save you a few bucks.

So now that you know everything about wedding invitation templates, go out there and find your perfect template! And if you're not sure if a wedding invitation template is right for you, try it out with our sample wedding invitation template and decide for yourself if you're up for it.


We are 100% certain that you will fall in love with our wedding stationery templates! However, we do understand that you will want to first see and then decide if you're up for it. 

That's why we created a FREE sample template for your to try it out. A detailed instruction guide with tips and tricks on editing, printing, trimming, paper choices and more is included as well. Enter your email address, download the free sample template and we'll see you on the other side!


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